Sunday, November 16, 2008


Issue 8: The Unofficial Artist – Caught between Visual Surrealism and Social Reality. This is the newest issue of Killimanjaro . I was really excited when this issue came out as I had been waiting for it for a while... It was definitely worth the wait. Kilimanjaro doesn't stick to any strict release pattern, but instead is released sporadically. I like to think this is because they won't release an issue until they believe it is finished.

Although there is an unknown long wait between issues it sort of adds to the excitement of the magazine, and the progression between issues seems to better and better each time. You can definitely see a real transition in the development of the magazine if you look through the Kilimanjaro archives. I originally posted about Kilimanjaro a while back, for more information on Kilimanjaro click HERE to go see the first post.

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