Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Kilimanjaro, Editor - Michael Olu Odukoya. One of my favorite magazines by far. Kilimanjaro is a visual based magazine that unfolds to 68cm x 48cm/27" x 19". Each issue has a separate theme which is summed up in a sentence or phrase, from which artists and photographers are commissioned to respond to. The theme becomes the title for that issue. Pictured above are- Issue 7: Luxury and Patronage, and Issue 6: When I was 17. Kilimanjaro are in the process of collaborating with the Walker design department to produce content for the Walker design blog. So definitely worth checking the Walker design blog in the near future – click HERE. Click HERE to go to the Kilimanjaro site.

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jenny. said...

when i think of Kilimanjaro, i think of you