Wednesday, May 6, 2009

B-ball courts in the summer got girls there

The first in what'll be a very occasional series of mixtapes from Collect & Archive, the focus being on highlighting quality music rather than blog hype. There's a confused overload of genres surrounding beat-led music at the moment, in the UK especially, meaning a good number of artists are able to avoid classification and plow their own groove regardless. A lack of media disruption, and even an escape from the Hypemachine vortex, make these artists you need to get on board with. Check each artist's homepage from the links below.

MP3: Summer Dem Mixtape, mixed by Andreas


Eskmo - San Francisco (The Rhythm)
Exile - Extra Funk (3.27)
Jamie Vex'd - Saturn's Reply (6.25)
Dorian Concept - Sandwich Terror (9.33)
Onra - Clap Clap (12.10)
Debruit - Pouls (14.16)
David E. Sugar - Your Wedding (16.45)
Rustie - Jagz The Smack (Neil Landstrumm mix) (20.23)
Landless Farm - Where She Went (23.07)
Clyde feat. Capitol A - Broken Slang (25.08)
Waxolutionists - Dance With Me (Seiji mix) (28.14)
Marc Mac - Headspin (31.18)
Shed - Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn mix) (34.36)
Kode9 - Black Sun (37.28)
Joker - Do It (41.00)
Gemmy - Supligen (43.59)
D1 - Chocolate Orange (47.10)
Von D - Bon (51.33)

Enjoy, isn't it.

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