Saturday, August 15, 2009

One's Castle

Ursula Meier's directorial debut "Home" is on limited UK release at the moment, and rather remarkable. The summer in film has so far been dominated by big hitters: the layered, slathering creature that was Von Trier's Antichrist; Sunshine Cleaning, twee and generic despite the gore; anticipation for the talent bohemoth of Where The Wild Things Are. Refreshing in the least then to find a French-language gem in their midst, set in a family home on the side of a super-highway suddenly opened to the public. Concerned only with a family's plight in the face of this intrusion, the film manages to span a vast range, each aspect as perfect as it is carefree. The refreshment comes in no small part from the realism achieved: no laden set-ups, no clumsy leaps of faith required, just an open and wonderful story. Isabelle Huppert was right to jump at the opportunity to star, and the three children each achieve that most hallowed of goals- engaging, lovably weird kids that never grate. High praise indeed.

Have a look at the trailer here, it's embarrassingly short and does the film no justice but should serve to further interest at least. It was out in the UK on August 7th, so check for local showings- it's already been out in the US so keep an eye out for repeats.

PS- Don't forget, the trailer for Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox is online at last, here.

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