Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kaugummi Books and More Specifically

Kaugummi Books produce Nieves-style zines and irregular compilations of sometimes under-developed imagery- their recent(ish) Magazine No.4 however yields some pretty exciting photographic work. Among the most notable is Linus Bill, pictured first- a sometime contributor to both Nieves and Rollo Press, and falling just the right side of quirky minimalism. Impeccably French throughout. Next is Geoffrey Ellis, another observer of the inane and intimate but with a much more colourful, saturated approach. Finally, the marvelous Peter Sutherland, already well renowned but deserving a mention for those as yet unitiated to his glorious discoveries. Truly a man with his eyes always open, or just in the right place ALL the time. Jammy fellow. Enjoy..

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