Sunday, January 18, 2009


I came across Albam last month after stumbling across their shop when walking down Beak Street in london.
They have quite a few beautiful pieces, including the unlined dry waxed cagoule above; there's a yellow version also which is real nice. Albam are all English made clothes. You should definitely go visit their shop when your next around central London: 23 Beak Street, London, W1F 9RS.
This is Albam's brand philosophy/background:

"We are now coming into our third year of Albam, and it has been quite a journey. For those who have recently found us, we started in a small office in Nottingham just myself and Alastair and 7 styles in our first catalogue.

Our journey has been a lot of fun with its fair share of sweat and backbone to get it to where we are today. Now we are an independent clothing company with a small but perfectly formed team who all share the same vision of producing products in the eye of our starting ideal: Modern Crafted Clothing.

We continue to manufacture our products in Great Britain and if this isn’t possible then we look as close to home as possible, so we now have good friends in Portugal, USA, Italy. Our aim is to bring as much product back to Britain and we have spent the last year building a business with your help and support that is enabling our British factories to grow and develop.

There is no hidden agenda with this, but there is something that is great about making products in an area when people think you are slightly crazy “because no one does it anymore”. In some respects there is an old mindset within Albam combined with a forward outlook. I hope it can continue, and whilst we want to be your “best kept secret” we need your help and support to spread the Albam art of living and keep making great products, tell some like minded friends and you were still the first to know!"

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