Thursday, November 27, 2008


Warmoesmarkt is a modest food market located in Amsterdam's red-light district which sells local (and, most often, organic) goods. The majority of the products (about 80%) come from the surrounding Dutch regions with the remainder (about 20%) coming from other various sources throughout Europe. The interior of the shop was designed by EventArchitectuur, with graphics provided by Lesley Moore and illustrations by Peter Müller. The grided display structures are provided their form by standard black shipping crates, while the (typo)graphic components acquire their compositions from the ubiquity of hole-punched A4 sheets. For me, the most noteworthy aspect of this system is the typographic detail of the counterforms, which have been assigned the size of a typical hole punch (.25"?) and which retain this size at all scales. If you're ever in Amsterdam, make sure to stop by. And if you've visited, please let us know how it is.

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