Monday, November 17, 2008


This is a long overdue post... B store is an incredible shop in london, based just at the begging of Savile Row, around the corner from it's previous location on Conduit street. This is by far my favorite shop in london. B store houses beautiful mens and women's fashion, including 'Peter Jensen' and their own brand 'b clothing', the store is very welcoming and has real good service. The shop constantly has artists installations in the widows and shows various works. B store is also very well known for it's footwear, it's own line b footwear creates beautiful mens and women's shoes. They also stock a few magazines, including 'Kilimanjaro' and 'Real people'.

Definitely go and have a look when your next around central London:
B store is only a five minuet walk from oxford Circus; walk down (south) Regent Street, four streets down on the right is Conduit Street, turn onto conduit street, first left off Conduit street is Savile Row, B store is a few doors down on the right.

You can also buy from B store online, and they offer over seas shipping. Click HERE to go to the B store site.

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jenny. said...

Love the proportions of the clothes.

A London excursion in a couple months? Yessss