Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The purple Archive store is an archive of all the publications Purple's ever produced. It's an interesting show of the development of purple. The purple site is very simple yet is a beautiful piece of design, pretty sure it was designed by MM Paris.

This is the introduction to the purple archives on their site:
"Purple Prose was founded by Elein Fleiss & Olivier Zahm in October 1992. Followed Purple Fiction, Purple Fashion, Purple Sexe, Purple Books, Purple Products and Purple. In 2004 Purple became two different publications, Purple Fashion magazine (edited by Olivier Zahm and published by Purple Institute) and Purple Journal (edited by Elein Fleiss and published by Les Editions Purple). Here you can find and buy all the available publications and objects produced between 1992 and 2004." Click HERE to go to the purple archive store.

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