Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I saw this guy/gal duo of Dan Michaelson and Tamara Maletic give a talk at the SoHo Apple store a few weeks ago. I've steadily and increasingly become more interested in web design so, naturally, I'm impressed with the way they treat virtual media. Most recently, they have completed a website for Brooklyn-based, architecture studio, Solid Objectives, which is built around a WordPress back-end—making the entire website a fantastically customized blog. They are also responsible for permanently converting the Yale University School of Art website into a wiki—allowing anyone with access to the internet the capability to edit almost any of the institution's pages. For Artcity, a contemporary art festival based in Calgary, they (alongside Project Projects) produced a website which is simply a hack set on top of Google Maps. And lastly, to provide a chronologically linear presentation of Mary Ping's fashion design work, the two employed a series of scripts (some custom written) to whittle the site down into one page—all while creating a tasteful and functional portfolio. To view the sites, click the images above. Click HERE to go to Linked by Air's website.

UPDATE: The Artcity website is down and out.

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