Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Cool Kids are a duo from Chicago made up of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish. Was first shown this group by my friend Anthony, who's brother Joe directed The Cool Kids first video 'Black Mags' posted above. Can't stop listening to their music at the moment. Their first EP 'The Bake Sale' was released earlier this month in the States and is due to be released on August 4th in England. The Bake Sale is such a consistent album, favorite tracks on there are 'What Up Man', 'Black Mags', 'Mikey Rocks' and 'Gold and a Pager'. This album is well worthy of a buy - go listen to some of the tracks from the album on their myspace, Click HERE, 'What up Man', 'Basement Party' and 'Black Mags' are on there. They're working on a new album at the moment called 'When Fish Ride Bicycles' and have a mixtape called 'That's Stupid' which is due out soon. The Cool Kids are playing at Scala in London on July 2nd, and are doing an in-store appearance at the DPMHI store on the 1st.

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